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Craigslist ads | The ads that keep on taking
Virtual Machines | The gift that keeps on giving
Zoneminder | Opensource Linux SOHO cctv option
Took a look at Chicago in Shodan and almost threw up.
Email to Steam/Valve : Account key leakage incident
Shenzen Uokoo IP Camera hack : Backdoor discovery.

/Dev&Projects Cryptocurrency price buzzer v.0.never 'The Rack' : Place for periodic updates to a home network rack. & | #LTC #LitecoinFam Price automatic updater [--in progress] BalBot v.100 : Internet load balancer based on Raspberry Pi 4 embedded pc. RyzenONE : My 1st Ryzen build : Automated Raspberry PI internet status checker w/ LED notification. Coinbot : Coinbase Cryptocurrency/Litecoin price checker script via API
/Video [strictly] Avoiding the attackers | How to hack an Android in 5 minutes with Metasploit.