A little about me, Adrian.

I'm grateful for each opportunity that comes my way and allows for growth. I have been passionate about automotives and information technology since my grade school years and not much has changed. I built my first website on a floppy disc at age 13 and I reverse engineered my first car ecm at age 18. I thought to myself "Cars are where it's at!" and went on my way to what looked like a straight education path. However, the further I dug into automotive modules the further I went down the information security rabbit hole due to software imposed vehicle limitations. The limitations were far from "blockers" to the average technical person. Cars are just a ton of code + arduino-raspberryPi-type-micro-controllers moving with wheels. I decided to study security in tandem.

When life gives you lemons simply connect two wires and use the energy to power a juicer.

In 2019 I was the pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident that left me unconscious and in pretty bad shape. Being forced to 'be still' allowed me to take the time I needed to truly determine what I wanted. Life love liberty and the pursuit of happiness.