I wish I could sing... well

Love you family

Errr..... so tired of you. Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppPackage

I'm ISC2 certified. Nice!

Old Android cell phones, blocked from WAN, are becoming the best IP cameras available

Have you ever really liked your job? Then you made the right career choice at the right place.

YouTube payout donated to a worthy cause. www.murphslifefoundation.com

A GPU should not be $1,000

Finally at a job where my aptitude gets to shine and growth is exponential. My mom gave the best advice!

Let's go CTF team VolCĀ³ron! 66th place out of 3,926

PC buidling weekend complete!

New page.

Start of what am I doing right now section. This notes.html page will be on a cronjob and I will attempt to update regularly with what i'm studying or homelab-testing.