'teh fixer'

In a land not so far away, sits, somebody. In Chicago, thrives, the dude, teh legend. The techie, geeky, yet swagful infosec-pc-network-crypto-web/graphic design, automotive tech, engineer {yep! certified in that also} expert. On a serious note. I have made information security & computing my life for over 15 years and have seen everything from novice insider threats to those a little more advanced and persistent. I've laughed at user error and have cried over data corruption on a multitude of devices and networks. I left information security as a hobby {that i'm pretty good at} for a good part of my life. The times have changed and securing our everyday lives at home in addition to statisfying our employers requirements take time. Time i've finally decided to set aside. Time my customers don't have.
I code. I host. I design. I secure. I educate. I upgrade. I install. I consult. I'm no swiss-army knife... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me key player where ever I am needed. I don't take on any client I cannot fully support. I don't offer to do any job I cannot complete.

I fix stuff.

"You are only here if you should be" - Some famous dude

Adrian of Buford Research Group. && HWoB

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What i do

I consult and...

Network design, security, and implementation

Vulnerability assessment & pentesting

Network monitoring and threat analysis

Legacy system upgrading & patching

Custom IoT, smart and embedded device integration

Server and PC building

Website Design {duh!}

Graphic design


Data backup & hosting

Buy/Sell/Trade cryptocurrencies

Secure private data communication & anonymization services


i don't like to brag but...

Active clients 5
Networks monitored 24/7 0
Threats found and fires estinguished 0